Friday, March 25, 2016

Torre Volonqui- Aguja Amiostad & Cerro Pollone (Patagonia) + 2 Brits Recovered from Ben Nevis + 72 Houts on Mt Owen in Tetons + Petit Combin 3663m

Torre Volonqui, Aguja Amistad and Cerro Pollone in Patagonia on Facebook from
Rachel Slater and Tim Newton recovered from Ben Nevis in Scotland - Gripped Magazine
Drew Tabke ticks Mt Owen during 72 hours in the Tetons trip report with pictures
Switzerland - Vallis - Petit Combin 3663 meters - trip report with pictures by Stefano

Stefan Gatt, Andreas Reinhardt and Markus Stockert had a very productive five days in the Glaciar Marconi Sur area. First they started with “Torre Volonqui”, a slender tower just north of Aguja Volonqui, of which they did the first ascent. Their route “Voluntad & cuidado" climbs four pitches to 6b+. Up next was another slender tower, one located between Aguja Tito Carrasco and Cerro Pollone, which they christened Aguja Amistad. Here they climbed “Alegría’, five pitches to 6b+. Last was Cerro Pollone, where the climbed a new route on the north face. “Escama del dragon” climbs five pitches also to 6b+. Stefan has been visiting the area since the early 1990s and has a slew of new routes under his belt. -- Drew Tabke -- 72 Hours on Mt Owen in the Tetons  --  Switzerland - Vallis - Petit Combin 3663 meters by Stefano


Picture of a group of hikers walking near a set of rock cairns in Schobergruppe, Austria

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