Friday, August 12, 2016

Gasherbrum 1 SW Face New Route Summit Attempt + Hayden & Peak 6136 (Cascades) + Aiguille Verte (Alps) + Gable Lakes Peak (Sierras)

Gaherbrum 1 SW Face : Czech climbers on new route summit attempt by Raheel Adnan
Twin Sister Range - Hayden and Peak 6136 trip report with pictures from
Aiguille Verte - Grandes Montets Ridge in the Alps - Description with pictures -  
Gable Lakes Peak - Sierra Challenge trip report with pictures from Bob Burd    --  Raheel Adnan  --  Pakistan  --  Gasherbrum 1 SW Face : Czech climbers on new route summit attempt  --  Cascades  --  Aiguille Verte - Grandes Montets Ridge - Alps  - -  Bob Burd  --  California  --  Gable Lakes Peak - Sierra Challenge

Day 6: Gable Lakes Peak

An easier day today, about 11mi total and about 5,500ft of gain. Gable Lakes Peak lies east of the Sierra Crest on a connecting ridgeline between Four Gables and Mt. Tom, towering over the lakes of the same name. We had about 15 for the 6am start, but some of these ran off for the Pine Creek TH to tag Peppermint Peak and some other stuff above Pine Creek. The rest of us took off up the the unsigned, Gable Lakes Trail that starts from the parking lot, before the pack station. Though unmaintained, most of us thought this much better than the Pine Creek Trail, without the horse poop and with a steep gradient made more for people than stock animals. Constructed back in the day, the trail follows the remnants of an aerial tram that once serviced a mining operation 3,000ft up Gable Creek canyon. We climbed past the highest of the Gable Lakes before making an ascending traverse on the east side of the North Ridge, a long boulder climb that goes at class 3. Sean O, Michael G, JD and myself were the first four to reach the summit around 9:40am. We hung around about 30min before starting down, JD heading to Four Gables and the other three heading back the way we came. We crossed paths with Bob P and Scott, but missed a number of the others that were taking various route flavors through the boulder slopes. Near the bottom I spied what looked like a fallen climber or cached supplies - it never moved in the five minutes I was watching it. Turned out to be Michael C resting among the rocks in the sun, Facebooking on his cell phone. It was his first day joining us and being unacclimatized, the altitude was getting the best of him (and apparently he was having great success on Facebook). Three of us were back before 1pm, making for plenty of free time to rest up. Not sure how many got to the summit, but it appears to be around 10 or so. 3-4 other participants started from North Lake, planning to go over Four Gables to reach the Challenge summit by the somewhat easier South Ridge. The choice of TH makes the distance more than twice as long, however. Haven't heard back from that contingent yet. Score - North Lake: 0, Pine Creek 2.       Please log in     Please log in

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