Sunday, August 28, 2016

Three Swiss Climbers Die on Monte Rosa + Karakorum Season Wrap Up + 6 Days in Sierras + 2 Routes in Bugaboos (Canada)

Three Swiss climbers die on Monte Rosa Massif from a team of 8 - A collapsed cornice
Summer 2016 wrap up summarising the Karakorum season by Raheel Adnan
6 Days off trail in Sierras : Ionian Basin, Tunemah & Martha Lakes, Goddard Creek Cyn - pictures
Two new routes in the Bugaboos (Canadian Rockies) trip report with pictures by Jon Walsh  --  Three Swiss climbers die on Monte Rosa Massif --  Raheel Adnan  --  Pakistan  --  Summer 2016 Wrap up : Summarising Karakorum season -- 6 Days off trail in the High Sierra : Ionian Basin, Tunemah and Martha Lakes, Goddard Creek Canyon - pictures - Bugaboos (Canadian Rockies)       Please log in     Please log in    --  Nepal Mountain News  
Kurt Wedberg belaying - North Palisades and Polemoniam Peaks

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