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Metrophobia in Greenland + Prusik's West Ridge + High Pressure Over Mont Blanc + Titanic on Torre Egger Free

Metrophobia in Greenland - a thirst for adventure by Alpinist Magazine
Prusik's West Ridge in a day - trip report with pictures by Summitpost
High Pressure over Mont Blanc report and pictures by
Marc-Andre Leclerk frees Titanic on Torre Egger by Alpinist -- Metrophobia - A thirst for adventure in Greenland -- insatiabletourist -- Oregon -- Prusik"s West Ridge in a day
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This for 2 days, and once again attack aimed at camp 1 up to the top.
Arrived today, however, listen to the weather forecast, the jet stream (already westerlies) came down to the Himalayas, and the wind speed 25 M / s or more wind blew in which the behavior of the thought that it is impossible, just advanced base (ABC Back to.
Went to camp 1 on the day before a week in the forecast, jet stream forecast, I know.
Jet stream is human behavior, such as may be the environment, not more than 8000 meters above sea level in behavior is definitely connected to the death for the forecast, you know, when the tent collapsed in the kitchen.
Monsoon by after a large amount of snowfall, so the earlier jet stream visited, but it was a little weak, but the wind is a day for the move to camp 1, and to prepare for the attack again.
Come on now. The wind is forecast to be weak, but strong winds continued climbing, the term of the permission to climb it, I tried, but the period of the jet stream, but more than that that continues for the forecast, unfortunately autumn here at Everest Finished the climb. Think so.
Is this year the snow under the monsoon from quite a lot, avoid the avalanche of 7000 m or more behavior is very strict.
Camp 1 for 11 days or more to spend, less fuel and food, in order to avoid the snow to the stable to wait, but I did the monsoon last year early timing jet stream I visited .
Support us to everyone, really, I'm sorry, but also supported me. Thanks to all, endlessly.
In a lot of snow, some of the route, try horne bein koo loire to, when I go near the waist deep snow is calm, and breathe without oxygen and climb in the body do you have any feelings, but the wind speed of 25 m / s or more than the wind is terrible.
Just now, this is the result of sincere, took to the now and later.
Now just come down, so that the details again and you let me report.
Look at the video to everyone I want to tell him I thought that was a long time, I became the video size is big and satellite communications in the up right away, so I can't today and writing a short mount everest in the video.
Ladies and gentlemen, really thank you for your support.
Also food ever gas also been shaved, so i want something to eat, I think.
Support from everyone, really, really thank you very much.    

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