Friday, December 9, 2016

Ralph Fiennes Summits Mt Vinson + Pole 2 Pole Video + Top 20 Highest Islands Peaks + Ama Dablam Summits

Antarctica 2016 - Sir Ralph Fiennes summits Mt Vinson from the Adventure blog by Kraig Becker
Pole 2 Pole with Mike Horn - includes Red Bulletin Video from Facebook
The top 20 highest points on islands worldwide - 41 pictures
Ama Dablam summits by Daniel Mazur on his website - report with pictures -- Kraig Becker -- Antarctica 2016 ; Sir Ralph Fiennes summits Mt Vinson -- Mike Horn -- Pole2Pole -- Video from the Red Bulletin  --  Ama Dablam summits (Dan Mazur)       Please log in     Please log in   -  Year in review video

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