Monday, December 12, 2016

Rotatornator : New Route on Tour Ronde (Mont Blanc) + Echo Peaks Traverse (Sierras) + North Cascades N.P.

Rotatornator : New route on Tour Ronde in the Mont Blanc Massif by Matt Helliker and Macdonald
Echo Peaks Traverse (High Sierra) - trip report with pictures by Eric Su in California
North Cascades National Park trip report with pictures from
Clark Dry Lake to Rabbit and Villager - 8500 ft gail in 20 miles - Meetup CV Slide show -- Rotatornator : New Route on Tour Ronde in the Mont Blanc Massif by Helliker and Macdonald -- Eric Su -- California -- Echo Peaks Traverse (High Sierra)  --  T/R    --  Rabbit and Villager       Please log in     Please log in
In this video Xavier de le rue, beanie of le rue and Samuel Anthamatten descend with their tables 1000 M for the couloir saleina, rather, as you can see, a great crevasse giddy with final on a wall... that managing to dodge , coming to "land"
Pure backcountry skiing in the Alps.


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