Friday, June 8, 2018

Woman Survives 6 Days in Wilderness + Denali Team at High Camp + AMS Denali Update June 7 + Mt Russel E Ridge

A Korean woman survives six days in the Australian (Queensland) wilderness after climbing a peak
Denali Expedition - Hailes Team moves to High Camp - from RM
AMS Alaska Mountaineering School Update June 7 2018  -- Denali update
Mount Russel East Ridge - June 23 - 24 by Meetup Mountaineers in Sacramento -- Korean woman survives six days in Australian (Queensland) wilderness - Denali Team moves to High Camp

Image may contain: one or more people, mountain, outdoor and nature  --  AMS Denali update June 7th 2018

Image may contain: sky, mountain, outdoor and nature  --  Mt Russel East Ridge June 23 to 24    --  Please log in

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This past weekend, Kyra and I completed our most physically and psychologically challenging hiking excursion to date, conquering the highest summit in the contiguous United States (14,505 ft.) in just 13 hours and 40 minutes. We camped at Whitney Portal, woke up at 1:30 am, and hit the trail with headlamps beaming at 2:35 am. As we climbed steadily up countless switchbacks, light began peaking over the rocky silhouettes and filled our souls with life. We journeyed onward over flowing streams, through lush meadows, and between age-old pines until we came upon the wrinkled stone face of Mount Whitney. It took us a moment to gather ourselves as we stared at the steep 1-mile long snowy chute that awaited our trudging. This was the main reason why fellow adventurers claimed this hike was not for the faint of heart, and also why Kyra commanded we purchase crampons despite my misguided quibbling. With weary legs and labored breath, we reached the top of the chute with the summit just a couple of miles in sight. A seasoned mountain man assured us these remaining miles would fly by with very little elevation gain left to cover. What we quickly discovered was his omission of a few 1 ft. wide, treacherous, icy ledges that spelled certain demise with one misstep, that is without crampons (thank you sweetheart). After two lingering miles we stood on the summit where we were greeted by Marvin the Marmot and an extraordinary view of our brilliant earth's Sierra Nevada. Once we finished basking in the glory of our victory and listening to Marvin's enchanting tales, we embarked on the harrowing descent. Tip-toeing back across the slippery sills, we found ourselves strategizing how best to find the bottom of our devilish chute. A carefully carved canal indicated that glissading down on our anatomical sleds was the most efficient route. With absolutely no experience or gloves, I glided down the mountainside with relative ease and sustained a touch of ice burn. My much more sensible and resourceful other half waited for an experienced teacher to instruct her of the proper technique before she showed me how glissading is meant to be done. With the dangerous elements behind us, Kyra and I continued our everlasting conversation about all that life has brought and will bring us as we fell more deeply in love, arrived back at Whitney Portal, and drove home to LA more well equipped for every wonderful challenge that awaits us with the confidence to overcome each of them together.

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