Saturday, October 20, 2018

Cannonball - New Ice Route on Longs Pk + Alan Arnette Summits Island Peak 6189 m (Imja Tse) + Crevasse Fall at Top of Skyway (Italy)

Cannoncall is newest bold ice route on Longa Peak in Colorado - from Gripped Magazine
Alan Arnette and Kami Sherpa  summit Island Peak 6189m (Imja Tse) in Nepal - Facebook
In Italy, at the top of the Skyway, a tourist falls into a crevasse - by    --  Alan Arnette and Kami Sherpa summit Island Peak (Imja Tse)

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Kami & Alan made summit of Imja Tse! Huzzah!
Some rough spots on the ascent, yet reached the peak.
Now a quick photo and headed back down to base camp. Safe decent and God's speed dear ones!
- - Diane Arnette

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