Friday, May 17, 2019

Everest 3 Successful and Deadly Days, Climber Missing + Deaths and Missing Climbers on Makalu, Everest, Kangchenjunga + Himalaya Spring - Evacuations, Missing Climbers and Deaths

Everest 2019 : Quiet after 3 successful and deadly days, Everest climber missing - Alan Arnette blog
Breaking : Deaths and missing climbers on Makalu, Everest and Kangchenjunga - by Explorersweb
Himalayan Spring 2019 : Evacuations, Missing climbers and Deaths mar summit success - K Becker
Himalayas - Too many Deaths - from Alan Arnette on his daily detailed blog -- Alan Arnette -- Everest 2019 : Quiet after 3 Successful and Deadly Days, Everest Climber missing -- Breaking News : Deaths and missing climbers on Makalu, Everest and Kangchenjunga Kraig Becker -- Himalaya Spring 2019: Evacuations, Missing Climbers, and Deaths Mar Summit Success

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Aconcagua Climber

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 had what will be in my top ten favorite Skyline hikes today. EllenMarilynDennis and I started at the Museum Trail in Palm Springs at about 5:00 AM in cool but humid conditions. I have never seen so many wildflowers up there! It started raining at Florian’s and continued to rain all the way to the Upper Tram Station. When we got to Grubbs notch the wind sounded like a locomotive barreling through the trees. Then the rain turned into some kind of frozen stuff. Brrr... Once we were in the tram station we changed to drier clothes that we had the insight to bring in our backpacks. We got a ride back to our cars from Hilde, an old friend that I bump into at various places from time to time. Then we enjoyed a hot meal at Las Casuelas. Thanks, crew, for a memorable day. I’m going back up there again tomorrow to take more flower pictures. Ha ha, just kidding, I was totally done in when we got to the top! My next Skyline may be next fall.


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Image result for images of iron to baldy traverse  --  Iron to Baldy Traverse - May 25

Distance: 16 miles +-

Elevation Gain: 10,000' +-

We will meet at 5:45 AM on Bridge to Nowhere Trail Head Parking and start the hike at 6:00 AM sharp. This is a shuttle hike and one or more volunteer drivers will be needed to meet two others at Manker Flats by 5:15 AM for the shuttle.

This is likely a little tougher hike than C2C. The San Antonio Ridge will be a class 3 and I would consider a very small portion of it to be class 4. If scrambling and exposure is not your thing, this hike is not for you. We need to hike to Iron about in 4 hours. We will be aiming to finish the hike by 6:00 PM but bring a headlight. I will provide detailed info closer to the event day. I will add people from the wait-list.


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