Monday, May 6, 2019

Standstill on Everest : Luis Stitzinger + High Winds Block Everest + Jannu East Wall Interviews + Cape to Cairo on Foot

Luis Stitzinger : Just now standstill on Everest - from Stefan Nestler on his blog Adventure Mountain
Himalaya Spring 2019 : High Winds block Everest Summit for now - from The Adventure Blog
Jannu East Wall Interviews : Dmitry Golovchenko and Eliza Kubarska - from Mountain Planet
Cape to Cairo : 12,000 km on foot - Report with pictures by  -Standstill on Everest  --  High winds block Everest   --  Interviews : Dimitry Golovchenko and Eliza Kubarska

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I did it! I climbed Mt Whitney! 14,496ft elevation, the highest peak in the lower 48 states. Last week I set out on a journey with an incredible group of Gonzaga alumni and it was life changing. Carrying a 50lbs pack and battling altitude sickness, I was able to accomplish my goal with the constant support of my team and God keeping me safe. This is the most challenging thing I’ve ever put my body through, both mentally and physically, and it was so worth it! Not only was I able to summit, but I was part of a team that ended up saving the lives of 3 fellow climbers (not in our group) that ended with a successful helicopter rescue. With everything going on in my life right now I needed this trip. I needed a win. And now that it’s over I feel more confident and refreshed than ever. Feeling so blessed for this experience   --  Mt Whitney Facebook

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