Friday, June 21, 2019

Karakorum : K2 Teams Arriving in Base Camp + Denali Field Report June 20 2019 + The Gnar in Peru +

Karakorum 2019 : K2 Teams arriving in Base Camp as season gets underway - from Kraig Becker
Denali Field Report , June 20, 2019 - from - Updated almost daily
Not Sending the Gnar in Peru - Trip report with pictures from Colin Haley on Skagit Alpinism -- Karakorum 2019 : K2 teams arriving in Base Camp as season gets underway  -- Denali Field Report, June 20, 2019
Denali 2019 benefits from "unbelievable" weather with 57%, or 473, of the 816 climbers who attempted The Big One making the summit. Still 364 left on the Hill as the season moves closer the end game.   --  Not sending the Gnar in Peru - Skagit Alpinisn

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At approximately 6:30am the Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue Unit were called out to rescue a lost female hiker on the Skyline Trail. PSMP members quickly hiked up the mountain and located the hiker on one of the offshoots of the trail. After evaluation the hiker was safely escorted off the mountain with no injuries.

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