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Skyline Trail on Mt San Jacinto (CA) + Free Climb on Nose of El Capitan (CA) + Mt Hood in Oregon

Skyline Trail on Mt San Jacinto (California) - Trip Reports - Facebook -  Pictures -
Barbara Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher free climb the Nose on El Capital - from
Mt Hood  (Oregon) - Intermadiate ice climb - Pearly Gates - Trip report / pictures - -- Skyline Trail on Mt San Jacinto Pictures from the Coachella Valley Meetup group


Mark Aguilar is with Frank Asbury and Desiree Zolg in Palm Springs, California.
Met Desiree and Frank at Green River in Corona at
3:00a we started hiking up 4:30. You could have worn shorts 3/4 of the skyline trail today pants were a little warm but not bad. I decide to start wearing my Spring and fall Winter boots since I need to start getting used to having boots on again. After getting in the pine trees it cooled down a lot my feet never got cold....
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David H Stewart added 20 new photos — with Michael Ulicky.
Another wonderful, cool day to be on an infamous trail--Skyline. Mike and I started from my residence about 5:45am. When we were around the 3K ft level we met a lone hiker who was moving quite slowly and appeared to show some issues. Fortunately, it turned out that he was OK and we decided to stick with him (he is an experienced hiker--verbally and explained what he had in his pack, which included a helmet!). That was the 1st time I saw anyone carry a helmet. Along the way, he required additional, short breaks. I'm usually quiet when I hike but this guy works in the field of IT and that was my line of work for years. I enjoyed chatting about that field! We all finally made it to Long Valley/Grubbs Notch. When at the 7500ft area (the Traverse) we all slipped on microspikes for secure traction on the thick snow and ice. One slip and I could be in deep trouble! I was ahead of Mike and Andy by only 5 minutes and when I got to Grubbs Notch, 2 rangers in full gear was there. That was the 1st time I saw rangers while completing the hike. Fortunately, they knew me and did not arrest me due to my insanity. It was my 64th Skyline--WooHoo! The views never fail to impress my senses. Life goes on.. -- Barbara Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher free climb the Nose on El Capitan -- Mount Hood - Pearly Gates - Intermadiate Ice Climb in Oregon - Trip report with pictures

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Daniel Mazur

November 21 at 4:02 PMSarah Fawcett and Lakpa Sherpa on top of on 19 November. Everest in the background. Congratulations!

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