Saturday, July 18, 2020

Matterhorn Summit at 11 Years Old + Monte Rosa Slip on Lyskamm +

At the top of the Matterhorn at only 11 years old - from (English translation given)
Monte Rosa : Climbers slide on the Lyskamm - Rescued - Montagna .tv (English translation)
Tamara Lunger descovers the Appenines - from ( in English too )---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   -- At the top of the Matterhorn at only 11 years old. English translation available.   -- Monte Rosa - Climbers slide on the Lyskamm.

Monte Rosa, climbers glide on Lyskamm - Montagna.TV

See the source image  --  Tamara Lunger discovers the Appenines

Tamara Lunger alla scoperta dell'Appennino: "Qui scopro cose nuove a ogni passo" - Montagna.TV

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