Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Torment, Forbidden Traverse WA + Aneto - Perdido Traverse +

Mt Torment, Forbidden Traverse - N Cascades WA - Trip report with pictures - CascadeClimb
Javier Rodriguez Bodas : Aneto, Perdiguero,Posets, Perdido in 24 hours 3 mins -
Thousand Island - Gaenet Lake Loop - Sierras - Pictures from Calicokat (Jim) on his blog

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   -- Mt Torment forbidden traverse - N. Cascades - WA -- Trip report with pictures.
   -- Anto, Perdiguero, Posets, and Perdido in 24 hours and 3 minutes.    --  Thousand Island - Garnet Lake Loop (Sierras)  - Pictures


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A pleasant three days at the always excellent Cabane d’Orny in Switzerland for an “Initiation d’Haute Montagne” for Jérôme, Margot et Camille. Glacier skills, rock climbing, Alpinism and crystal hunting all ticked.

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