Sunday, August 2, 2020

Hurrungane Massif - Norway Traverse + Cresta Integralissima Di Peuterey + Apple Fire CA

The thrilling crossing on Hurrangane massif in Norway - by Kilian Jornet -
Cresta Integralissima Di Peuterey - Mont Blanc massif by Filip Babicz on Facebook
Apple Fire Update -San Bernadino's :20,500 acres scorched,7800 ordered to evacuate - Desert S

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   -- The thrilling crossing on Hurrungane masif in Norway for Kilian Jornet.

La traversata da brivido di Kilian Jornet sul massiccio dell'Hurrungane - Montagna.TV   -- Cresta Integralissima Di Peuterey - Mont Blanc Massif by Filip Babicz. 

Yesterday, on July 31st, I soloed "The longest alpine ridge". It is the first solo ascent and the first repetition of this variant of Peuterey Ridge. The ascent was performed without neither any support nor deposits. What is more, the second part, from Aiguille Noire to Monte Bianco di Courmayeur had been unknown to me.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   -- Apple Fire Update - San Bernadino's : 20,500 acres scorched, 7800 ordered to evacuate.

Apple Fire update: 20,500 acres scorched, 7,800 ordered to evacuate; 0% contained

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