Monday, August 10, 2020

Piolet d' Or 2020 Winners + New Rockies CA Alpine + Cerro Torre - Patagonia

Piolet d'Or 2020 Winners Announced - from - Description with pictures

The Hammer and the Dance is the new Canadian Rockies Alpine 5.11x - Gripped Magazine

Cerro Torre - The impossible mountain in Patagonia - from - Pictures

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   -- Piolet d' Or Winners Announced.
    -- The Hammer and the Dance is Rockies - Canada - Alpine 5.11x

Image may contain: mountain, nature and outdoor   -- Cerro Torre : The impossible mountain in Patagonia. 

Cerro Torre, Clouds

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Today I went scrambling at Lover’s Leap for the first time in quite a while. It’s always a pleasure to revisit the Leap since it’s where I did all my first solos many years ago.
I’m turning 35 next week (whoa!) and I’ve been considering doing a birthday challenge of some kind. When I turned 29 I was in Squamish and did 290 pitches in a day - I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to do 350 in a day at the Leap. Possibly as some kind of climb-a-thon fundraiser for the @honnoldfoundation or something. So today was a bit of a scout to see if it’s feasible. I went up and down most of the routes on the East Wall and felt like I was climbing well but I think the pitches are just too long and physical to climb fast enough, plus 350 would require climbing every route at the Leap multiple times. But I really enjoyed the climbing, and I enjoyed passing @sannimccandless and @courtsanford multiple times as they enjoyed Bear’s Reach and Hogsback. Maybe the real lesson is that as I turn 35 I’m more content with a great morning of scrambling and good company...
But I’m still open to good birthday challenge ideas..


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