Tuesday, October 20, 2020

First Latina to Conquer World's Deadliest Mountain + Dinosaur Peak 2221m Winter Walls (RU) + The Cirque of Towers Video

 Mexican climber becomes first Latina to conquer the world's deadliest mountain

Dinosaur Peak 2221 meters - Winter Walls Ergak ( Translation from Russian)

The Cirque of Towers Video with Cedar Wright - from Wspinanie.pl


https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/viridiana-alvarez-chavez-latina-mountaineer-guinness-world-record-everest    --  Mexican climber becomes first Latina to Conquer the world's 'Deadlist' mountain.

https://ru.redfoxoutdoor.com/.../zimnie-steny-ergak-pik.../    --  Dinosaur Peak 2221m - RU  --Alpinismo y Montaña - Carlos Garranzo   ·📷 NEW ROUTE BY ALEXANDER ZHIGALOV AND TIMOFEY IVANOV, IN THE NORTHEST FACE OF ▲ DINOSAUR PEAK (2221 m).📷 Alexander Zhigalov and 📷 Timofey Ivanov, members of Krasnoyarsk's National Mountaineering Team and Red Fox athletes, have made the first ascent of the NW face of ▲ Dinosaur Peak.

https://wspinanie.pl/film/nelissa-milfeld-i-cedar-wright-the-cirque-of-towers/  --  The Cirque of Towers Video with Cedar Wright


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