Monday, October 12, 2020

Precipice Peak - Colorado T/R + Baspa Valley, India : Raldang Spire + Woman Missing For a Week in Zion N.P.

Precipice Peak - Colorado - Trip Report with pictures from Seano on his blog

Baspa Valley, India : Raldang Spire, climbed by an Austrian Expedition -

Seach continues for Woman Missing for a Week in Zion N.P. - From

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   --  Precipice Peak - Colorado -- Trip report with pictures by Seano.   --  Baspa Valley, India : Raldang Spire climbed by Austrian Expedition.   --  Search continues for woman missing for a week in Zion National Park.

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Super quick climb up Pico de Aneto (3,404 meters) yesterday. Despite storm conditions, lots of snow and -21 C temperatures it felt great to be out and about. Plus there was no-one else on the peak, giving me that alone in the wilderness feeling I so need once in a while.


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