Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Amore Supercombo on the Northeast Face of Pizzo Badile - Swiss/Italian Border + Prescott Climbing - Arizona - T/R - Seano

 Amore Supercombo on the Northeast Face of Pizzo Badile (Swiss/Italian) -

Prescott Climbing - Arizona - Trip Report with pictures by Seano from his blog

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    --  Amore Supercombo on the Northeast face of Pizzo Badile climbed by Schenk and Hefti. ( Swiss/Italian border)    --  Prescott Climbing - Arizona  --  Trip Report with pictures from Seano

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The post from a few days ago, outlining the requirements stipulated by the Chilean government to visit Torres del Paine, stirred mixed feelings, with several people objecting that tourism during a pandemic might not be wise, or moral. To a degree they have a point, because the pandemic has stretched the Argentine and Chilean health-care systems to their limit. Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas are under quarantine because infection rates and hospital ICU bed occupancy are so high, and El Calafate is not far behind.


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