Sunday, December 6, 2020

Weaver's Needle - Arizona - Trip Report with Pictures by Seano + K2 Winter Expedition : Let's Go !

 Weaver's Needle - Arizona - Trip Report with Pictures from Seano

K2 Winter expedition : Let's go ! -- from Stefan Nestler on his blog.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    --  Weavers Needle - Arizona - Trip report with pictures from Seano.    --  Stefan Nestler  --  K2 Winter expedition : Lets go !

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The Torres del Paine national park opened to tourism on 11/26. Foreigners have to enter Chile via the Santiago airport, for now the only border point open. To enter you need: negative PCR test (-72hs), covid health coverage (over U$30.000), and filling up a health declaration ( From Santiago the quickest is to fly to Puerto Natales, which can be done via Sky Airlines (, and after 12/30 also via Jetsmart (


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