Friday, February 20, 2015

Aconcagua Speed Record Smashed Again + Nanga Parbat Summit Bid Strategy + Dromedary Peak + Piolet d' Or 2015

Karl Egloff  smashes Aconcagua speed record by almost an hour in 11 hours 52 minutes
Nanga Parbat summit bid strategy  and 'bad omens' on Manaslu - by Raheel Adnan
Dromedary Peak in Utah trip report with pictures by Andy Sherpa
Piolet d' Or 2015 and the big list of 58 climbs - Planetmountain
Nicolas Favresse climbs Ganesh trad at Bedami in India - Planetmountain  -- Aconcagua speed record smashed again by Karl Egloff in 11 hours 52 minutes  -- Raheel Adnan -- Pakistan -- Nanga Parbat summit bid strategy -- Andy Sherpa -- Utah -- Dromedary Peak  -- Piolet d' Or 2015 and the big list of 58 climbs  Please log in  Please log   --   Aconcagua Video

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