Sunday, February 15, 2015

Haley and Honnold on Torre Egger + New Route on Ajuga Poincenot + Skyline Trail Photos + Nanga Parbat Video

Colin Haley and Alex Honnold on Huber Schnarf Route on Torre Egger in Patagonia
New route on Aguja Poincenot by Jindrich Hudecek and Michal Brunner with great pictures
Valentines Day Skyline Trail photos by the Coachella Valley Meetup group
Mummery Spur on  winter Nanga Parbat - Second attempt -- Video by Daniele Nardi

My foot and Alex Honnold near the top of the Huber-Schnarf route, mid transition from crimping in TC Pros to swinging tools in Baturas. I made Alex climb Torre Egger in a day for his first foray on the gnarly side of the Torre Valley, and Alex made me simul-climb wet 5.10 with an alpine pack on. We pushed each other out of our comfort zones, but kept it safe and had a good time. And I can't help but share the wise phrase of some hardcore Slovenians here in El Chalten: "No summit, no party." ‪#‎vidapatagonia‬ @patagonia @lasportivana @petzl_official ‪#‎nosummitnoparty  Please log in  Please log

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