Friday, July 10, 2015

Colorado 14ers Speed Record Shattered + Velan - Old S-SE Face (Italy) + Everest Movie + Ueli Steck Half Way 82 Pk Challenge

Andrew Hamilton shatters Colorado 14ers speed record by
Velan - Old S-SE Face on the border of Italy and Switzerland trip report with pictures
Everest movie to open Venice Film Festival - Nepal Mountain News
Ueli Steck half way finished with the 82 Peak Challenge - Gripped magazine
Dave Hahn and team summit Denali - explorersweb -- Andrew Hamilton (Colorado) shatters Colorado 14ers speed record -- OsvaldoCardellina -- Italy -- Velan - Old S-SE Face
Ueli Steck and Andi Wälchli on the summit of Dent d'Hérens.  Photo 82 Summits Facebook page
An RMI team ascending the summit ridge of Mt. McKinley. Photo: Dave Hahn     Please log in  Please log in

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