Monday, July 27, 2015

Greenland Mirror Wall Success + Tete de la Tronche + Tunnabora,Pk, Mt Russell, Mt Carrillon

Greenland Mirror Wall Success for Leo Houlding and company
Tete de la Tronche in Italy trip report with pictures - Summitpost
Tunnabora Pk, Mt Russell and Mt Carrillon slide show by Calico Kat
Polish climber missing on Gasherbrum 2
Havasupai photos taken bt the Meetup group in the Facebook area below -- Greenland Mirror Wall sucess for Leo Houlding and Co. 
-- Osvaldo Cardellina -- Italy -- Tete de la Tronche (Italy)!i=4234068229&k=sDgcGhW -- Calicokat -- California -- Tunnabora Pk, Mt Russel and Mt Carrilon (High Sierra)

Olek Ostrowski and Piotr Snigorski were attempting to descend Gasherbrum II on skiis when Ostrowski went missing.       Please log in   Please log in

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