Thursday, July 23, 2015

Iceland Traverse + Karakorum Summit Pushes + Mox Peaks, Redoubt + Dusy Basin (Sierras) + Purcell Wilderness Mt Louis

Iceland Traverse video with photographs - Narration in Spanish by Barrabes
Karakorum 2015 Coverage - Summit pushes despite the bad weather - Alan Arnette
Mox Peaks and Redoubt (in Washington) - trip report with pictures by Sean
Quick out-and-back to Dusy Basin in the Sierras trip report with pictures
New remote alpine routes in the Purcell Wilderness by Kate Rutherford and Jasmin Caton
New big Rockies route : Bucking Horsr Rider on Mt Louis (Canada) -- Iceland Traverse -- Video and pictures - In Spanish -- Alan Arnette -- Colorado -- K2 2015 Coverage - Summit Pushes despite poor conditions -- seano -- Mox Peaks, Redoubt Mister E -- California -- Quick out-and-back to Dusy Basin (Sierras)

Kate Rutherford captures the beauty in her sketch book on a day at camp, Purcell Wilderness Conservancy. Photo Jasmin Caton
Bucking Horse Rider 5.11 A0 on Mount Louis. Topo by Paul McSorley. Photo by Steph Abegg     Please log in  Please log in

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