Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cerro Murallon E Face (Patagonia) + Zsigmondyspitze S E Ridge + Mummy Range (CO) + Snowshoe To San Jacinto's Summit

Cerro Murallon East Face - Patagonia by Ragni di Lecco of Italy (in Italian) - Facebook in English
Zsigmondyspitze - South East Ridge trip report with pictutes by Sylvia Mazzani at summitpost.org
Mummy Range (Front Range) In Colorado trip report with pictures - from Supertopo
Snowshoe to Mt San Jacinto's Summit with Ellen C - trip report with pictures

http://ragnilecco.com/murallon-parete-est-nuova-via-ragni/ -- Ragni di Lecco (in Italian) -- Cerro Murallon East Face - Patagonia
https://www.facebook.com/Patagonia-Vertical-563620956987849/ (log in)
David Bacci, Matteo Bernasconi and Matteo Della Bordella climbed down a new road in the east face of cerro accomodation, the wall with sun that you see in this picture. Reached the summit in the middle of a storm and dropped or are dropping by glaciers on the opposite side. More info in the coming days. I Ragni Di Lecco-Arrampicata Alpinism Climbing
David Bacci, Matteo Bernasconi and Matteo Della Bordella have climbed a new route on the east face of Cerro Murallón, the sun lit face seen in this photo. They reached the summit in a storm and descended, or are descending via the glaciers on the opposite side. More info soon.

http://www.summitpost.org/zsigmondyspitze-south-east-ridge/993940 -- Sylvia Mazzani -- Italy   --  Austrian Tyrol

http://www.summitpost.org/mummy-range/171052  --  Mummy Range in Colorado

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I am now calmer inside the sleeping bag of the C3, to about 7050 meters and with a cold that freezes the thoughts.
It has been a hard day fighting against the wind with all our willpower. At times, it has become a tougher battle than the summit attack of last winter in the Nanga Parbat. Amazing. I still can’t believe it. We have put all our strength and desire, and despite the intensity of the wind higher than expected and the lowest temperatures around -40º, we have thrown forward as a few wild boars by the ascent to the South Col.

When we have arrived at C4 (7950m) we have done everything in our power to set up the tent, but the wind has not respected us and it has been impossible for us. Therefore, we have decided it was not the time to challenge nature at these heights and conditions, since we are nothing in dealing with it, and we could have suffered frostbite or even worse.

For the moment, as I have mentioned earlier, we have descended to C3 (low) and we have not given up for anything in the world. The only thing we have done is to respect the nature that today was not waiting for us up there. At this hour I do not know what we are going to do tomorrow because I really do not know if we will be able to sleep now... but, as always, I will keep you informed of everything. Thank you very much for being up to the challenge.

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