Saturday, May 13, 2017

Everest - Team Summits on North + Aconcagua Video Trip + C2C Annual Hike + Fred Becky

Everest 2017 : First team summits on North, New female record - by Alan Arnette
Detailed Aconcagua video trip report with video from
Cactus to clouds annual hike May 13 by Coachella Valley Meetup Group - Slide show to come
Fred Beckey is Climbing's Living Encyclopedia biography - from Outside Magazine -- Alan Arnette -- Everest 2017 ; first team summits on North, New female record -- peternews -- Detailed Aconcagua trip  --  C2C Annual hike       Please log in 

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Nearing the lake, Turner stepped onto a large boulder that shifted precariously under his weight. Instinctively, he leapt. The rock ahead was solid but tilted up at an awkward angle. His boots hit, and slid. The boulder behind rolled toward him and kept coming, closing the gap. Just as his legs slipped off the edge, the boulders slammed together, catching Turner above the knees, pinning him.
As suddenly as it started, the rocks stopped rolling and the silence of the wilderness returned. Following the rockslide, Turner lay stunned. His breath came in ragged gasps choked with dust and fear. His dog, Andy, waiting for his master to get up and move on. Turner checked himself for injuries. His legs were trapped but not broken. With his bare hands and then using his tripod as a lever, he heaved against the weight of the boulder, trying to pull himself free. At first, the boulder moved enough to ease the pain, though not enough to free him.   --  More
=======================================================================  --  Katskhi Pillar Video

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