Thursday, September 7, 2017

6 Weeks in Karakorum + Big Rush on Manaslu + Ptarmigan Traverse (Cascades) + Poles to go to K2 in Winter

Six weeks in the Karakorum with Daniel Mazur - trip report with pictures from his blog
Big rush on Manaslu alpine style from Stefan Nesler and Nepal Mountain News
The Ptarmigan Traverse North to South (Cascades) climbing 4 peaks in the process
Poles to go to K2 in winter without Urubko - from (translated from Italian)
and    --  Daniel Mazur - Six weeks in the Karakorum  --  Stefan Nestler  --  Germany  --  Big Rush on Manaslu    --  Manaslu alpine style  --  The Ptarmigan Traverse - North to South with 4 summits (Cascades)  --  Its almost certain - The Poles will go to k2 in winter:  without Urubko

It seems that the Poles will make us go to try the last great winter challenge on the 8000: the K2.

The last rock, the largest, or the economic one, seems to be overcome: next week the funds of the Ministry of Sport should arrive. Total: 1.2 million Polish Zloty, or about 282 thousand euros, according to Date of departure still to be decided.

Wielicki: Janusz Golab (sports director), Krzysztof Wranicz (physician), Dariusz Załuski (cameraman), Adam Bielecki, Artur Małek, Marek Chmielarski, Rafał Fronia Marcin Kaczkan and Piotr Tomala revealed the mystery of who will accompany Wielicki. According to journalist Dominik Szczepanski, the most anticipated, Polish citizen Denis Urubko, who seems to have other plans, will not miss the fact that family mountaineers do not know well.

Invited but not yet confirmed: Andrzej Bargiel, just back from the summer season at K2, where he should have tried the first skiing, and Casper Tekieli.

The difficulties, as Wielicki tells us, will be, as was imagined, the cold and the wind. The expected temperatures will reach -50 °, the gusts can reach 180 km / h. Waiting for the fine weather window will be decisive.

As for the street, the most unpopular is the Kukuczka-Piotrowki of 1986, explored this summer especially by Andrzej Bargiel. There are those who vocifera of a half idea to get out of the Magic Line, then holding the left and not moving right at the point where Kukuczka-Piotrowki reunites to the Italian street of '54. Of course the normal, along the Abruzzi Sperone, is excluded for the avalanche risk. Many in the past had talked about Cesen, also subject to intense observation by the Polish summer expedition, but it seems that they are no longer discussing. We will see, as long as you are not in front of K2 this winter to touch with hands, they are all speculation    --  Please log in

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