Saturday, January 12, 2019

2018/19 Winter Climbs + F/A of Rauber Hotzenplatz - S Tyrol + 2 Fatalities on Ben Nevis + Zabardast on Blacherahi 5880m Pakistan + Rescue in Chamonix Video

2018/19 Winter Climbs in the Himalayas and Karakorum by Alan Arnette on his blog
S Tyrolean alpinists make first ascent of Rauber Hotzenplatz in the Taufers of S Tyrol in Italy
Two climbers die on Ben Nevis in Scotland in the past month - by
Weekend Warmup :Zabardast on Blacherahi 5880 meters in the Karakorum - by
Spectacular rescue bt the PHHM in Chamonix video gone viral by news -- Alan Arnette -- 2018/19 Winter Climbs Trekking  -- S Tyrolean alpinists make first ascent of Rauber Hotzenplotz in the Taufers of S Tyrol, Itasly -- Two climbers die on Ben Nevis in the past month -- Weekend Warm - Up : Zabardast on Blacherahi - 5880 meters - in the Karakorum -- Spectacular rescue by PGHM in Chamonix Video gone viral

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Dutch climber Wilco van Rooijen survived one of the worst climbing disasters in modern memory while leading one of the teams tackling K2 in 2008. He went missing and stuck for three days at the top of K2 in the death zone. In the end and due to severe frost bite, he had to miss all his toes. Earlier,in 1995 a boulder smashed his face and arm on K2.
In a interview with the guardian, when asked, what is the thrill in climbing? "If you are ambitious there is a lot of risk. It's a milestone. You can say your whole life, 'I was there'. When you talk about it, you get this, I don't know how you say it in English, this shivering." He points to the hairs on his arms. "If you are there. Pfffff." He blows on his teeth in awe. "And you are fighting for each other, taking care of each other - to survive this it gives you a soulmate. The rest of your life you can always knock on the door. They will always be there to help you."          -- Video

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