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K2 Resumes, Nanga Search Update + Alex Txikon en Route From K2 + Mt Harper New Zealand Pictures +

2018/19 Winter Climbs : K2 Resumes, Nanga Parbat Search Update - Alan Arnette on his blog
Nardi and Ballard Search : Alex Txikon and Co en route from K2 - from
Mt Harper New Zealand - 2222 meters - Pictures - Meetup- Christchurch Mountaineering Adventures -- Alan Arnette -- 2018/19 Winter Climbs : K2 Resumes, Nanga Parbat search update. -- Nardi and Ballard Search : Alex Txikon and Co en route from K2.  --  Mt Harper 2222 meters (New Zealand)

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Nanga Parbat. Detailed report:
*Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition Rescue:* Pakistan Army Aviation pilots were on standby since this morning to pick up the Spanish rescuers from K2 Base Camp and drop them off on Nanga Parbat. As soon as the route weather cleared up, they took off from Skardu AAB around 1230hrs PST. They passed via Paiju and started their flight from Paiju to K2 BC around 1310hrs. The weather from Paiju to Concordia was quite difficult with very low clouds. The pilots took the risk because of the importance of the mission and flew very slowly during this stretch. The low cloud cover improved significantly when the formation reached Concordia and entered Godwin Austin glacier.

Having reached K2 BC, the four Spanish rescuers were picked up with their gear and brought to Paiju. After a brief stopover in Paiju, the two Écureuil B3s brought the rescuers to Skardu AAB.

After a brief stopover in Skardu, the formation started their flight towards Nanga Parbat. Time being of essence, the pilots wanted to drop off the rescue team today on Nanga Parbat and took the risk of flying in the overcast weather. Unfortunately, around 8kms short of Nanga Parbat, the cloud cover was extremely low (around 3000m). Given that Nanga Parbat BC is much higher, the pilots after discussing with rescuers decided to turn around and head towards Jaglot. After checking the weather again at Nanga Parbat, the formation decided to fly back towards Skardu given the security risks involved in attempting to land at Nanga Parbat is such low visibility.

Pakistan Army Aviation would be attempting to drop off the Spanish rescue team tomorrow morning. The team includes Alix Txikon, Felix Criado, Ignacio de Zuloaga and the Dr. Josep Sanchis.

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Footage taken by the Spanish rescuers on board Pakistan Army Aviation’s Écureuil B3 showing the weather around 8kms from Nanga Parbat BC where it was decided to turn back. You can see the extremely cloud cover and very low visibility conditions.

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