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Flatirons in Colorado Trip Report + 137 Peaks in India Open Up + S. Elbert, Mt Elbert (Colorado) +

Flatirons in Colorado - Trip report with pictures from Steph Abegg on her website
MHA opens up 137 peaks in India for mountaineering / trekking purposes -EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes
South Elbert, Mount Elbert in Colorado - pictures from Bob Burd on his website - Trip report soon -- Steph Abegg -- Flatirons (Colorado)

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Returning from a very brief trip to wintertime Patagonia. It was completely unproductive in terms of climbing, but perhaps productive in terms of becoming wiser. I just made a blog post, a bit about this quick trip, but mostly reflecting on my relationship with hard solo climbing. It's at…/
These photos:
1) The Chaltén Massif from the window of my plane to Buenos Aires.
2) The upper Emperor Ridge of Mount Robson, from a solo ascent of the North Face, Aug. 2004.
3) During the second solo ascent of the Supercanaleta, on the west face of Chaltén, Jan. 2009.
4) Free-soloing the first hard ice pitch on Exocet, during the first solo ascent of Aguja Standhardt, Nov. 2010. Photo by @jongriffithphotography
5) On the Flavelle-Lane route, during the first solo ascent of Mt. Waddington, Aug. 2012.
6) A solo attempt on the Emperor Ridge of Mount Robson, Sept. 2014.
7) Climbing the summit mushrooms of Punta Herron, en route to making the first solo ascents of Punta Herron and Torre Egger, Jan. 2016.
8) Climbing through the Black Bands during the first solo ascent of the Infinite Spur, June 2016.


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