Wednesday, June 3, 2020

White Mnts Traverse CA T/R + Pakistani PM to Reopen Travel +

White Mountains Traverse CA - Trip report with pictures from Seano

Pakistani Prime Minister vows to reopen travel ahead of Karakorum Climbing Season

James Leadbetter on Spanish Needle in the Southern Sierra - Facebook

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- White Mountains Traverse by Seano - Trip report with pictures.   -- Kraig Becker -- Pakistani prime minister vows to reopen travel ahead of the Karakorum climbing season.

Spanish Needle, another of the more southerly Sierra peaks. Our route from the PCT required about 8 miles of nice trail until a saddle at the base of the needles. Spanish Needle is the furthest south of the needles so you have to leave the trail at the saddle and side hill over several gullies with mixture of dirt, brush, talus, boulders, the usual crap. Then climb up to the ridge and scramble your way to the base of the peak. Many trip reports show the friction slab ascent…
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