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Mt Steele (12,200 ft (Yukon) - Dupre + Unclimbed Karakorum 7000 m Peaks + Civetta Solleder - Lettenbauer (Alps) + Nanga Parbat - Thursday

Lucania over the ridge to Mt Steele in Yukon, moving away from Base Camp - Lonnis Dupre
Unclimbed 7000 meter peaks near Broad Peak, K2 and the Gasherbrums - American Alpine Jouirnal
Civetta Solleder - Lettenbauer, the French winter ascent video - Planet Mountain
Nanga Parbat summit bid on Thursday - from Stefan Nestler

https://www.lonniedupre.com/single-post/OverTheRidge  -- Lonnie Dupre -- Lucania over the ridge to Mt Steele (12,200 feet)
https://www.lonniedupre.com/single-post/LucaniaMovingAwayfromBaseCamp -- Moving away from Base Camp

https://www.facebook.com/americanalpinejournal/photos/a.182355978570652.41437.180922238714026/966235123516063/?type=3&theater -- Unclimbed 7000 meter peaks near Broad Peak, K2 and Gasherbrums - by American Alpine Journal
Over the last two seasons, two teams have attempted the first ascent. In 2017, a Chilean team climbed the east-southeast ridge to the southeast summit, but did not attempt the long traverse to the main summit. For those who aspire to bag this unclimbed Karakoram giant, Alejandro Mora has some advice in his AAJ report: "The ridge leading toward the main peak was very sharp and corniced, and the higher peak was very far away, requiring some descent before climbing to the top," he wrote. "I think that the best way to reach the main summit will be to follow a different approach to the base and climb a direct route."
In the photo: The east-southeast ridge of Praqpa Ri, climbed by three Chileans in 2017, rises from the saddle to the summit of the southeast peak. The main summit is across the long horizontal ridge to the right. Photo by Armando Montero.

http://www.planetmountain.com/en/news/alpinism/civetta-solleder-lettenbauer-the-french-winter-ascent-video.html  --  Civetta Solleder - Lettenbauer video

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http://blogs.dw.com/adventuresports/nanga-parbat-summit-bid-on-thursday/-- Stefan Nestler -- Nanga Parbat summit bid on Thursday

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New Fitz Roy Route and Patagonia Season Highlights



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