Monday, July 15, 2019

K2 Climbers Enroute to Summit, More Broad Pk Summits + Mont Blanc (Maudit) Death and Injury + K2 Has Over 100 Climbers + K2 has 120 Climbers

K2 2019 Summer Season Coverage - More Broad Pk Summits, K2 climbers enroute to summit - Alan
Mont Blanc accident on Mount Maudit. Climber died, his companion was injured --
K2 has over 100 climbers going for the summit - from Gripped Magazine website
On K2, 120 climbers make their move - from website
- -- Alan Arnette -- K2 2019 Summer Season Coverage - More Broad Peak Summits. K2 Climbers enroute to the summit.                 --  Mont Blanc, accident on Mont Maudit. A firefighter from Genoa died, his companion wounded -- Mont Blanc accident, on Mount Maudet, Climber died, his companion was injured -- K2 has over 100 climbers going for the summit   - On K2, 120 Climbers make their move

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Image may contain: mountain, outdoor and nature

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While on my bigger alpine climbing trips I do so much hiking that I feel I can get decently fit in a cardiovascular sense during the trip. Technical climbing fitness, on the other hand, is hard to maintain during a big trip, when truly prioritizing one's main goals on big mountains. Thus, between trips I feel I need to put some energy into regaining technical climbing prowess. Hence, in the three weeks since returning to Chamonix I haven't gone alpine climbing once, and instead have been focusing on regaining lost rock climbing ability. Anyways, it's pretty darn fun for "training!" As someone who prioritizes my alpine climbing goals, I am accustomed to never realizing my potential in rock climbing, but whenever I have a period of pure rock climbing it does start to feel tempting to train it more! It's certainly easy to feel inspired for rock climbing at the moment in Chamonix, having just watched one of the IFSC lead world cups. Competition climbing is about as different from my area of expertise as climbing can be, but in the past year @aceeaux and I have gotten pretty into watching the world cup finals on YouTube. I've never really been much of a sports fan in the past, but that is changing! It's true that modern competition climbing is extremely unlike real rock climbing, but it's still awesome, and certainly incredibly impressive! ガンバレ🇯🇵! Photo 1) @ad_wyatt climbing a stellar pitch on the south face of l'Aiguille du Midi. 2) Sport climbing in Les Aiguilles Rouges. 3) @aceeaux climbing Poème à Lou, on Brévent. 4) One of our favorite competitors, @kai_hrd in the finals yesterday. @patagonia_climb @petzl_official @scarpaspa @totemmt @ Chamonix, France

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Antarctica: This majestic place will be my home from the end of October to the beginning of February. Whilst I am there I will be guiding numerous ascents to the highest mountain on this incredible continent, Mount Vinson (4897 m) and expeditions to the South Pole. To say that I am excited would be the understatement of the century! 😁


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