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K2 Summer - Teams on Move, Nanga Summit + Climbers Injured by Lightning CO + Nanga Parbat Camp 4 +

K2 Summer Season Coverage - Teams on the move, Nanga Summit - from Alan Arnette on his blog
Climbers injured after lightning strike in Colorado - from Gripped Magazine website
Nanga Parbat Update : Climbers in Camp 4 - from Explorersweb.com
Nanga Parbat - the first ascent of the season by mountain.ru

http://www.alanarnette.com/blog/2019/07/02/k2-2019-summer-season-coverage-teams-on-the-move-nanga-summit/ -- Alan Arnette -- K2 Summer Season Coverage - Teams on the Move, Nanga Parbat Summit

https://gripped.com/news/climbers-injured-after-lightning-strike-in-colorado/ -- Climbers injured after lightning strike in Colorado

https://explorersweb.com/2019/07/02/nanga-parbat-update-climbers-in-camp-4/ -- Nanga Parbat Update : Climbers in Camp 4


Nanga Parbat. The first ascent of the season and the news from the team "Freeride in the zone of death"
French mountaineer Boris Langenstein ( Boris Langenstein ) made the first ascent of 8,000 nicks this season, climbing Nanga Parbat yesterday afternoon. 
I walked with him in a pair of typhoid Dyuper ( Tiphaine Duperier ) reached only up to 7800 m.

On the descent, he was greeted by the participants of the “Free-ride in the death zone” project, Vitaly Lazo, Anton Pugovkin and Kala Klimenti.
The guys are now moving to camp four and are planning to reach the summit tomorrow morning.
Anton Pugovkin:


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Desnivel.Com published the news of a polish expedition that will try to perform the first rise of gasherbrum vi, with 7000 M, a virgin mountain tempted also by Daniela Teixeira and me in 2009. in this article make a reference to Our try.
I remember this expedition as an adventure of pure exploration in the company of the best of
With due time distance, giving up after a hard fight ceased to mean a sad failure and became an indelible story, a beautiful memory that will accompany us forever.


A Polish expedition attempts the coveted first ascent of Gasherbrum VI

The attempts to the minor of the mass of the Gasherbrums have been unsuccessful since the eighties. Jerzy Natkanski, Jacek Czech, Joaroslaw Botor and Dominik Malirz will try to make history in this peak of about 7,000 m.



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