Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Jost Kobusch New Route to C1 on Everest + Mont Blanc Five Ski Falls in 3 Hours + Urubko - Broad Peak and K2

Jost Kobusch opens new route to C1 on Winter Everest :ready for his attempt alpine style (strong winds)
Mont Blanc Massif : Five ski falls in three hours - from Chamonix.net/english/news
Urubko, Bowie - Broad Peak + K2 Winter 2020  --  from Mountain.ru

https://www.barrabes.com/blog/noticias/2-10769/jost-kobusch-abre-ruta-campo - Jost Kobusch opens the route to field 1: ready for his attempt in alpine at winter Everest. (English translation supplied)

https://www.chamonix.net/english/news/mont-blanc-massif-five-ski-falls-three-hours-january-2019 -- Mont Blanc Massif : Five ski falls in three hours


Urubko Bowie. Broad Peak + K2 calendar winter 2020
Broad Peak: Denis Urubko, Don Bowie, Lotta Nakiva
K2: Denis Urubko, Don Bowie
Expedition news
(7.01.2020) new!

Broad Peak in the winter. Bad weather
After spending the night in Camp One, Dan rests at the base. The weather does not allow another exit, the wind is too strong even in BC.
After three days, the conditions should improve and work on the route will continue.


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Kandy Lee
 updated her cover photo.

January 4 at 6:38 AM · Snow Creek to Pacific Crest Trail with




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