Saturday, January 11, 2020

Patagonia : Pilar Rojo by Italians + Nevado de Famatina (Southern Andes) + Himalayas, Cold, Tough, Slow but Progress

Patagonia : Pilar Rojo by Italian Climbers, an adventure between the old and new year. (English Also)
Nevado de Famatina - in the Southern Andes - Trip report with pictures by Seano on his blog
2019/20 Winter Himalaya Climbs, Cold, Tough, Slow but Progress  --  from Alan Arnette's blog
Patagonia: Pilar Rojo for Focchi, Lamantia and Grasso. An adventure between old and new year -- Seano -- Nevado de Famatina -- S. Andes -- Trip report with pictures  --  2019/20 Winter Himalaya Climbs, Cold Tough, Slow but progress

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Some impressive perseverance by Benjamin Billet (France) and John Kelley (US) on the first ascent of 6,109-meter Chhopa Bamare in Nepal last February. What might have been a two-day climb turned into a stormy weeklong ordeal, but the weather cooperated at just the right moment for a summit bid.

Everest winter expedition: Kobusch reaches Lho La - Adventure Mountain

Everest winter expedition: Kobusch reaches Lho La


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