Monday, January 27, 2020

Trouble at 3300 Meters on Mont Blanc + Back From Puna de Atacama (Argentina) + Punta Patri Sourh on Gran Paradiso

 French Group in difficulty along the German Channel at 3300 meter on Mont Blanc -Montagna
Back from the Puna de Atacama in Argentina/Chile - Trip report from Seano on his blog
Punta Patri South - new downhill route on Gran Paradiso by Davide Capozzi and team

========================================================================= -- The French group found itself in difficulty along the German channel, at a altitude of about 3.300 meters on Mont Blanc -- Back from the Puna de Atacama - Argentina/ Chile. - Trip report from Seano      -- Punta Patri South - New Downhill route on Gran Paradiso by the David Capozzi team

Punta Patrì Sud Gran Paradiso: in salita per effettuare la prima discesa di Linea Continua (Davide Capozzi, Alessandro Letey, Mike Arnold 22/01/2020)

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Climbing around Kassala in Sudan (Chris Warner, Jonny Baker)

Climbing around Kassala in Sudan: Jebel Totil and Jebel Taka

Snorri e Rotar verso C1. Mingma: “Il K2 in inverno non è come ce lo aspettavamo” - Montagna.TV

We are back in BC after long 16 hour day in the mountain. The mountain it self is covered in blue ice. It was difficult and the cold was our worst enemy. Our GPS froze and just turned of, but still we managed to port 250 kg of equipments to C1. We are exhausted and will use tomorrow to rest and gather strength. Now in BC it's -24 celcius and everything is frozen but beautiful wether.


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