Sunday, September 22, 2019

Black Canyon of Gunnison (Colorado) + Search For 3 Hikers On Skyline 4300 ft + Manaslu Update C3 (Mazur)

Black Canyon of Gunnison in Colorado - Trip report with pictures by Steph Abegg from her website
Active search for 3 hikers near 4300 ft on Skyline Trail - from PSMountedSearchAndRescue Facebook
Manaslu Update - Daniel Mazur team has reached C3 - from -- Steph Abegg -- Black Canyon of the Gunnison - Colorado - Trip report with pictures - Active searchfor 3 hikers near 4300 ft on the Skyline trail near 4300 ft
Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue are currently on an active search on the skyline trail for three hikers between Box 1 and Box 2 at approximately 4300 Feet.

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At approximately 9:30PM on September 21st, the Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue responded to a 911 dispatch of three hikers that were on the Skyline trail at approximately 4,600 feet and having a difficult time returning to the trailhead. PSMP-SAR had members hike up Skyline to meet the hikers. Once members of PSMP-SAR were on scene with the hikers at Box #1 (2,500 feet) they provided medical aid to the hikers who were suffering from fatigue as the hikers had hiked to the tram only to realize that they had to turn around because they had been given false information that the tram was open when it was actually closed for maintenance. PSMP-SAR members hiked the fatigued hikers off the mountain. At approximately 5:30 AM all personnel and hikers were off the mountain.

=================================================================  --  Mazur team reaches C3 on Manaslu
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Pilgrim, Sheila Face, Aoraki/Mt Cook
Rose Pearson and Reg Measures just made the second ascent of Caleb & Kim's Central ice route on the Sheila Face. The ice was in excellent condition, and it shows the worth of Rose's prior scouting of the upper Hooker glacier a week earlier. @ Aoraki / Mount Cook

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Finally a breakthrough in action on Mount Everest and Lhotse. Participants of the Polish Winter Himalayan expedition inform about the establishment of Camp I. The road through Icefall has been traveled


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