Friday, September 20, 2019

Stalled Himalaya Monsoon, Summits Delayed + Rescue in Grignetta (Alps) + 'The Diamond' in Kenya

Monsoon Stalled Over the Himalayas, Summits Delayed - from website
Grignetta (Alps) - Naked man in a confused state rescued by the Alpine Rescue Service
Equatorial Ice - Firman and Wright bag rare ascent of  'The Diamond' in Kenya  --  Monsoon stalled over the Himalaya, Summits delayed  --  Grignetta (Alps) - Naked man in a confused state rescued by the Alpine Rescue Service  --  Equatorial Ice - Firman and Wright bag rare ascent of 'The Diamond' in Kenya

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August 22nd - Day 6 #tsxchallenge
Mt. Whitney
My team "This is all I have to do today" started our 4,000' elevation gain day at 2:30am and hiked to Guitar Lake for coffee and a chance to get used to the altitude. We continued on under the stars, that gave way to an insanely beautiful sunrise and the CLEAREST blue sky, as we hiked the 11 switchbacks to where the Whitney Portal and Crabtree trails meet. It 100% looks like Pride Rock and I dare you to not have Circle of Life stuck in your head!!
The trail narrowed as we passed the Hitchcock Peaks and their "Windows," my fear of heights/"F U Wind!" Was getting the best of me. Luckily, I had @jennyhostetler (Best guide EVER) to talk me thru them!
Thru the Hillary Narrows, over the ice on the trail and up the last rock scramble to the Summit of Mt. Whitney at 14,505' and the highest point in the Continental United States. All before Lunch!

Longest day on the trail, I got back to my tent at 5:30pm, with my first blister of the trip.

Yes, I shit on the top.
No, I did not add to the elevation LOL


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Day 23 on the JMT. Guitar Lake to Whitney Portal. 15 miles. THE LAST CHAPTER. The alarm goes off at 1 a.m. We break down camp in the dark and begin ascending Mount Whitney by headlamp. At 14,505 feet, Whitney is the tallest point in the lower 48 states. "How much farther until the top, dad?" Loreli asks. I have no answer. The summit is shrouded in a cold darkness. Our only hints are the dots of light from other headlamps meandering upwards into the black sky. As we near the top, the sun rises to reveal God's glory in every direction. Unspeakable beauty. Tears freeze to my face. I'm overwhelmed with pride in my daughter. 3 weeks earlier, she was the one in tears. "I can't do this!" she cried. But now, as we take our final steps to the top, "can't" has lost its grip on her. "Can't" has been dragged 211 miles over 11 passes. It lays frozen on the snowy mountains. It's been washed away in the countless stream crossings. And now, as we stand on top of Mt. Whitney, the last bit of "can't" is starved of oxygen. This is the story of Loreli, the 13-year-old girl who can.


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