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Mount Watkins First Ascent of the Dike (Yosemite) + Photos of the Chamlang Crossing + Ready for Chamlang Crossing +

Mount Watkins - First Ascent of the DIKE in Yosemite - from Vitaliy M on his website
Innurrategi- Vallejo - Zabalza- Photos of the attack on the top of Chamlang - from
The Herve Barmasse Team ready for the Chamlang crossing -  from -- Vitaliy M -- Mount Watkins - First Ascent of the DIKE - Yosemite -- Inurrategi- Vallejo- Zabalza - Photos of the attack on the top of Chamlang

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Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and nature  --  the Herve Barmasse team ready for the Chamlang crossing

Barmasse, Göttler y Marín, aclimatando para el Chamlang. Foto: FB Barmasse

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l, my fitness comes from carrying large backpacks on approaches to climbs and this was a last minute decision because I didn’t find a climbing partner when someone was able to pick up my shifter days ago. Browsing the fastest known times forum I’m not surprised that @pantilat crushed this course with a time of 7.5 hours. But his first attempt was 12.5 so if I cut 5 hours off my time...just kidding, that’s insane and Leor is a La Sportiva athlete and one of the best trail runners in the world, I think his time will stay for a while and if not, his time won’t be lowered by much. His blog is also a great source of inspiration, information and very nice photography...
Putting out a decent performance feels good but also makes me wonder how much quicker I could have gone if I had a better headlamp in the morning, did not twist an ankle, did not have an issue with my stomach on the way and did not get bad pain in my knee as I was descending Paradise. I also brought a totally useless jacket, a bit too much food and last few days I was bouldering in the gym, did a heavy lifting workout and went for a run only 2 days ago. More trail running and a longer rest would be great.
In any case, I must be in pretty good cardio shape and am happy to continue working on becoming a more well rounded mountain athlete.  RLL is the best loop I can think of in the Sierra and can be hiked by people with only backpacking experience in about 4 days. I highly recommend it, the scenery is gorgeous!

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  Mustagh Tower

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