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N Face of Eiger FA Solo + Mt Olympus WA + Shishapangma 3D Video

Robert Jasper climbs "Meltdown" solo First Ascent on the North Face of the Eiger  --  Rock and Ice
Climb on Mount Olympus in Washington - Trip report with pictures by MadisonMountaineering.com
Video : A 3D Journey to the summit of Shishapangma - from Kraig Becker at the Adventure Blog

https://rockandice.com/climbing-news/robert-jasper-climbs-meltdown-solo-first-ascent-on-north-face-of-the-eiger/ -- Robert Jasper climbs "Meltdown" solo First Ascent on the North Face of the Eiger

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https://madisonmountaineering.com/author/kurt_hunter/ -- Climb on Mount Olympus in Washington

https://adventureblog.net/2019/10/video-a-3d-journey-to-the-summit-of-shishapangma.html? .


The Pou brothers return to the Himalayas, in an international expedition sponsored by The North Face. They go to explore and try to ascend new roads and new mountains in the Indian valley of Kinnaur, in the company of the Italian Jacopo Larcher , the Belgian Siebe Vanhee and the American Matty Hong , as climbers, and also the Italian Matteo Mocellin as a camera and photographer.
The Kinnaur Valley is a place that the few Westerners who have visited the area have defined as the Swiss Himalayas : very green and rocky, and with large glaciers and mountains that exceed 6,000m.
It is not the first time that the Pou share expedition with Larcher and Vanhee. Already in 2015 they were together in Siberia, where they opened 8 new routes on an unforgettable trip . Mocellin was also the Pou's camera in 2012, on Baffin Island . However, for Matty Hong this is his mountain baptism; It is an excellent sports climber for which the Kinnaur Valley will be your first adventure trip.
It is a strong and cohesive group, in which the previous friendship of its components will almost certainly be the secret of success. “When you go with friends everything flows and it is always much easier to make decisions in times of maximum tension. It is better to have a friend next to you than the best climber in the world if in the end you are not able to understand him with him, ” says the eldest of the Pou (Eneko), who has led many expeditions throughout his career.
But above all it will be a very emotional expedition, since Hansjorg Auer - the sixth component of the team - will not arrive at this event he was part of, after losing his life in the Canadian Rocky Mountains this past spring , along with the fellow of team in TNF David Lama and Jess Roskelley .
Losses that the Pou define as irreparable and that made them consider whether they went ahead with this project or not: ”Hansjorg was a close friend with whom we shared two of the most important expeditions of our life: Baffin Island and Siberia. We had a very special connection with him, and when the accident happened, all the components of this adventure were considered if it would be worth moving forward. In the end we decided that yes, that it would serve as a tribute to one of the greatest climbers that our sport has given, ” Iker tells us knowing that it will be a particularly difficult trip for this reason.
"There is nothing more important than the mood during an exit of this size, and in this case we know for sure that Hansjorg will be present at all times in our thoughts, and we still do not know how this will affect the mood of the team. In any case, we think he would have liked us to continue with the project, so here we are ”
This expedition is the culmination of a great year for the Pou, with its openings in the Argentine Patagonia , in Norway , Peru and the Atlas .
“I think it is one of the best in our long career. Getting some other opening in the Himalayas would be amazing, but I also think that we will depend a lot on the weather - since in this area of ​​India it is usually very unstable - and how we fit in the mood the absence of Hansjorg Auer ” Eneko tells us accustomed To analyze with great care the pros and cons of these large companies.

Los Pou, en su expedición al Himalaya hindú de 2014. Foto: hermanos Pouanos Pou




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This summer Ramón Portilla ascended to those known as the "Big Three" - the Old Man of Stoer, Old Man of Hoy and Am Buachaille - three large monoliths found on the North Coast of Scotland. To the experience of completing three magnificent climbs we can add the incentives to follow in the footsteps of the mythical Tom Patey and dive fully into the history of British climbing.


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