Monday, March 9, 2020

Fatality on El Gigante, Mexico + New Route in the Coast Range (Canada) + Aconcagua 2020 Summited

Nolan Smythe, Climber and Base Jumper, dies in an accident on El Gigante, Mexico -Rockand Ice
First Person : An untouched route in the Coast Range (BC Canada) - from
Summit Aconcagua 2020 - by Sierra Mountaineering International - from Facebook

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Nolan Smythe, Climber and Base Jumper, dies in an accident on El Gigante, Mexico. -- First Person : An Untouched Route in the Coast Range - BC Canada  --  Summit Aconcagua by Sierra Mountaineering International

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Summit Success Aconcagua 2020!!!

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Nico Favresse and Seán Villanueva opened their third track of the season, this time on the east face of the Poincenot. They started off the Whillans ramp, diverting to the right, to climb an almost 400-foot fissure parallel to "Desperate Patagonians", with which it shares a few meters of the 4th long. Conditions were not the best, with lots of ice in the fissures, which forced them to climb some sections per plate, including the key section, and in two places to make steps using a piolet. The climbing is intense, with many wide sections. Desperate Patagonians were rapelled, returning to the glacier at nightfall


The climber featured in this series of photo's is liselotte a 49 YO mum of two from Sweden, who has never climbed outdoors before. Deep end of the pool or experience of a lifetime? Her ascent of the mighty East face of Mount Kenya might seem a little bit extreme but with our help she managed to accomplish something she never thought remotely possible... Think BIG next time you plan your nest adventure. A climb on Mount Kenya is much more than just a magical 18 pitch route its equally the trek to the wall that's awesome! All in all I couldn't even begin to imagine a cooler adventure.


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