Thursday, March 19, 2020

New Route to Aguja Saint - Exupery (Patagonia) + Cerro Catederal Sur (Argentina) + Mt Baker - Colman Glacier Headwall T/R

Slovenians add a new route to Aguja Saint-Exupery in Patagonia (Feb)-from
Cerro Catederal Sur - Argentina - Trip report with pictures from Seano on his blog (Dr Dirtbag)
Mt Baker -Coleman Glacier Headwall (Cascades) -Trip Report and pictures by CascadeClimbers

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Slovenians add a new route to Aguja Saint - Exupery in Patagonia. -- Cerro Catedral Sur - Argentina -- Seano - Trip report with pictures. -- Mt Baker - Colman Glacier Headwall - Cascades -- Trip report with pictures

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Here's a link to the GPX file for Snow Creek, East Trail. This track has a couple of short deviations off the trail to boulders that needed a send. I can't verify that this trail is better that the other legal trail but I've had no issues repeating this trail- it's pretty enjoyable actually. The first rise out of the desert floor needs a couple of switchbacks added to mellow the rate of ascent and to minimize erosion.

I've also taken extreme steps to be respectful of the neighborhood when leaving my car. The trail follows and links old existing Native American foot beds and game trails. It generally follows the 1/2 rate of ascent rule to minimize erosion. There are cairns along the way, mostly to keep foot traffic consistently on the same path to minimize impact.

Unfortunately the conditions didn't present an opportunity to finish the climb this season.


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