Friday, March 6, 2020

SW Face of Poincenot Needle (Patagonia) Freed + FitzRoy Paraglide After Summiting +

Nico Favresse and Sean Villanueva free the South West face of Poincenot Needle in Patagonia
Pablo Pontoriero paraglides off FitzRoy after summiting -from  ( in English also )
Mt Hunter 2020 (Alaska) -- Lonnie Dupre at 9200 feet - from his website
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Nico Favresse and Sean Villanueva freed the South West Face of Poincenot Needle in Patagonia

Image may contain: mountain, outdoor, nature and water -- Pablo Pontoriero paraglires after summiting FitzRoy in Patagonia  --  Mt Hunter - Alaska  --  Lonnie Dupre now at 9300 feet

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In three climbing days over the period of our first 8 days camping below the wall, we managed to reach the summit using fixed ropes. The unnamed peak and wall we baptized “Pared de la Plata”. This first ascent we called “Bailando con la Lluvia” (Dancing with the rain). This name refers to the difficulty we experienced these days climbing in between the rain curtains that turned the walls into raging waterfalls. We sneaked into every little peephole (tiny weather window) to reach that summit on a very grey, unstable day. On this first ascent, the obvious itinerary of pitches 10 to 12 didn’t go free because of the wetness, mud and moss in the cracks. Check out the second picture. We returned two days later with a good weather window ahead. We packed our well-prepared big wall kit and moved camp up on the wall, to the top of what we called “Puerto Pillar”.


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