Sunday, March 15, 2020

New Route on Aguja Poincenot (Patagonia) + Serious Mitre Peak Accident + Telescope Peak from Badwater

New Route on the Aguja Poincenot in Patagonia for Favresse and Villanueva - by
Serious Mitre Peak (Pakistan) accident. The situation is under control - from
Telescope Peak from Badwater in Death Valley - Old trip report with pictures - Cedar and Sand
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- New roure on the Aguja Poincenot in Patagonia for Nico Favresse and Sean Villanueva -- Serious Mitre Peak accident - the situation is under control  --  Telescope Peak from Badwater - from Cedar and Sand website

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POINCENOT NEEDLE - East Face / East Face - "Beggars Banquet".
Nico Favresse and Seán Villanueva opened their third track of the season, this time on the east face of the Poincenot. They started off the Whillans ramp, diverting to the right, to climb an almost 400-foot fissure parallel to "Desperate Patagonians", with which it shares a few meters of the 4th long. Conditions were not the best, with lots of ice in the fissures, which forced them to climb some sections per plate, including the key section, and in two places to make steps using a piolet. The climbing is intense, with many wide sections. Desperate Patagonians were rapelled, returning to the glacier at nightfall.

The Chilean Grande is a 1200-metre wall in a valley near the Rio de los Explorers, west of Puerto Tranquilo, in the Aysén region, Chile. In 2015, Étienne Tafary @e.tafary visited the area with Enzo Oddo, Felipe Andrade and Matias Larrain del Sante, but they did not try to consider it too difficult for the time and resources they had. Recently Étienne returned, this time with Antoine Eydoux, Etienne Grosclaude and Pierre-Jean Lallement. They spent almost a month in the area, doing 150 km of portage per person, and spending seven days on the wall until they had to quit due to persistent rain. At the bottom the climbing is "vegetable", but more is of high quality. More info on the expedition website,


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