Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bodie Greenland New Routing + New Route on Kyzyl-Asker 5842m (Tien Shan) + Peitlerkofel Circular Walk (Dolomites) + Excelsior & Twin Peaks & Mt Warren (Sierras)

Trip report with Pictures - The Bad Man From Bodie - Greenland New Routing - UK Climbing
New Route on Kyzyl- Asker (5842m) - W Kokshaal-Too Range in the Tien Shan Mountains
Walking in the Dolomites - the Peitlerkofel circular walk by
Excelsior Peak, Twin Peaks and Mt Warren in the Sierras - pictures by Calicokat  --  Trip report - The Bad Man from Bodie - Greenland New Routing   --  New Route on Kyzyl-Asker 5842 meters - W Kokshaal - Too Range in the Tien Shan Mountans (Summer Trip) -  The Peitlerkofel circular walk in the Dolomites

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