Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Naranjo de Bulnes F/A Marejada Fuerza 6 + Climbing Washington's Mountains + Mt Stanford, Gregory, Junction etc.

Naranjo de Bulnes, Pou Brothers & Colom claim first free ascent of Marejada Fuerza 6 (Spain)
Climbing Washington's mountains ( Cascades) - description and pictures - Cascadeclimbers.com
Mt Stanford, Gregory, Junction, Hale, Young, Midway &; Milestone &; Monument - (sierras) - Calicokat
Iron Mountain in the Sierras - Brief report with pictures from Kathy Wing (Wingding )

http://www.planetmountain.com/en/news/alpinism/naranjo-de-bulnes-pou-brothers-and-colom-claim-first-free-ascent-of-marejada-fuerza-6.html-- Naranjo de Bulnes, Pou brothers and Colom claim first free ascent of Marejada Fuerza 6


https://calicokat.smugmug.com/Hiking/Sierra-Nevada/Mt-Stanford-Gregory-Monument/  --  Calicokat  --  California  --  Mt Stanford, Gregory and Junction (Sierras)


https://kathywing.smugmug.com/CaliforniaHikesandScrambles/Sierra-Nevada-Hiking/Iron-Mountain-09-05-2016/i-bsWhqNZ     --  Iron Mountain

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Successful ascent of Mt. Williamson's northeast ridge with Gavin on 9/3/16: The NE Ridge is known by some as one of the most physically demanding single ridges in the Sierra. Ive saved Williamson (second highest mountain in California) for all these years because of the difficulty of finding partners for this route, and am glad to have finally completed it. We carried a 60m rope and alpine rack, but only ended up using the rope for a 70 ft rappel. This is an awesome exposed airy route which requires some good route finding. The entire route took over 24 hours of climbing. Some of this delay was due to me getting unexpectedly sick and having to climb a lot under bad nausea.
Difficulty: V, class 5.5
Stats: ~25 miles 11,000 ft gain

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