Friday, September 30, 2016

Over 30 Summit Manaslu + 20 Summit Cho Oyu ( Tibet Rt) + Storm King, Nine, Silex, Guardian (Colorado) + Tenzing (7916m) & Hillary (7681m) Unclimbed + Great Wall of China (5120m)

Over 30 climbers summit Manaslu from Nepal Mountain News
20 Climbers summit Cho Oyu frim Tibet from Nepal Mountain News
Storm King, Nine, Silex, the Guardian (15th) in Colorado trip report with pictures - Sean O
Unclimbed Tenzing 7916m and Hillary 7681m interview with Elia Saikely
Great Wall of China 5120m in the Kokshall Too in Kyrgyzstan report from -- Over 30 climbers summit Manaslu -- 20 climbers summit Cho Oyu from Tibet -- Sean O -- Storm King, Peak Nine, Silex, the Guardian (15th) - Colorado -- Unclimbed Tenzing and Hillary 7916m - Interview by Elia Saikaly (Canada) -- Great Wall of China (5120m) in the Kokshall Too in Kyrgyzstan       Please log in     Please log in

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bodie Greenland New Routing + New Route on Kyzyl-Asker 5842m (Tien Shan) + Peitlerkofel Circular Walk (Dolomites) + Excelsior & Twin Peaks & Mt Warren (Sierras)

Trip report with Pictures - The Bad Man From Bodie - Greenland New Routing - UK Climbing
New Route on Kyzyl- Asker (5842m) - W Kokshaal-Too Range in the Tien Shan Mountains
Walking in the Dolomites - the Peitlerkofel circular walk by
Excelsior Peak, Twin Peaks and Mt Warren in the Sierras - pictures by Calicokat  --  Trip report - The Bad Man from Bodie - Greenland New Routing   -- New Route on Kyzyl-Asker 5842 meters - W Kokshaal - Too Range in the Tien Shan Mountans (Summer Trip) -  The Peitlerkofel circular walk in the Dolomites   --  Calicokat  --  California  --  Photographs of Excelsior Pk, Twin Peaks and Mt Warren in the High Sierra       Please log in     Please log in    

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