Monday, September 26, 2016

Puscanturpe Esta - Peru - New Route + Lyskamm Traverse W to E (Switzerland) + Kuriki on Everest + Rodgers Peak (Sierras)

Puscanturpa Este - French forge new route in Peru by
Lyscamm Traverse W to E in Switzerland - trip report with pictures by Summitpost
Nobukazu Kuriki (Japan) on Everest - Report by Pythom on Explorersweb
Rodgers Peak in the High Sierra pictures by Calcokat at Facebook -- Puscanturpa Este, French forge new route in Peru -- selinunte -- Germany -- Lyskamm Traverse (W-E) - Switzerland  --  Kuriki on Everest  --  Calicokat  -- 

California - Rogers Peak (Sierras)

 California  --  Rodgers Peak (Sierras       Please log in     Please log in   

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